Substance: Somatropin
Manufacturer: Beligas Pharmaceuticals
Pack: 1 kit (10 vials x 10iu/vial)




Buy beltropin hgh product online. Beltropin is the brand name of the product manufactured by Beligas Pharmaceuticals containing the active substance Somatropin (or Somatotropin) better known as Human Growth Hormone (HGH) or simply Growth Hormone. In only a short period of time, a matter of a few years, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has surpassed almost every other performance enhancing drug (PED) in terms of popularity. That’s because when it comes to performance and physique enhancement – Growth Hormone (GH) has proved to be extremely helpful.


Buy Beltropin online. Beltropin containing Human Growth Hormone – Somatotropin can be used for the exact same medical and physique and performance enhancement purposes as any other high quality HGH product that might be more or less expensive with other brand names as long as the Somatropin – Growth Hormone (GH) is high quality. And is very unlikely you would find anything less expensive.

Synthetic HGH is being used for many different medical issues. Is very widely used for treating children that are short of stature due to low HGH or have some other growth development issues; is used for treating turner’s syndrome; or even for adults diagnosed with low HGH levels due to whatever health issues. Human growth hormone pills for sale

Beltropin is a very high quality HGH with 191 Amino Acids which is the highest quality Somatropin that is identical to the one produced naturally by the body. Therefore, the body cannot see a difference when the compound is administered. Being super effective it can be used in whatever health condition mentioned earlier or others such as muscle wasting diseases associated with HIV and Aids; low levels of sex hormone and others.

Human growth hormone pills for sale. However, Beltropin is mainly being used in bodybuilding industry. The biggest advantage of HGH is that it offers new muscle gains; is strengthening joints and ligaments; offers a faster and more efficient recovery; has many other positive effects on the body and often, steroid users combine steroids with GH for enhanced and amazing effects. Very often this compound is called “youth medication” because is improving general well being, reduces wrinkles, fat, depression and aids skin; hair, nails and muscle growth and many others.

Generally, HGH is extremely effective and has numerous positive effects on the body.


Beltropin – Somatropin should be used as an intramuscular injection. The dosage is very highly individual depending on a number of factors. If prescribed by doctor, we recommend to use it exactly as recommended and prescribed.

When used for physique and performance enhancement, usually, people find this compound helpful at doses under 5 IU per day for cutting and hardening, however doses anywhere between 4-8 IU per day or even higher are used by those who want to get lean muscle gains and generally – getting muscles.

Due to its pretty short half life, injectable HGH should be used at least once a day for maximum effectiveness, but most people use it twice a day. Also, this compound should be used for a total of about 5-8 months as a cycle length for getting maximum out of it. Human growth hormone pills for sale

You could reduce the dosing administration from every day to 5 days a week after the first 2 months. Is very recommended to add insulin (in fact, HGH always should be used with insulin), with low dose of T3 and is recommended to add testosterone too.


Usually, side effects of Somatropin – Human Growth Hormone (HGH) found in Beltropin or any high quality Growth Hormone product of 191AA are associated only with the dosage and they are very well tolerated by most people.

There are rare situations in which normal doses provide unbearable side effects or any bothering side effects at all. However, abusive dosages of Somatropin GH can lead to a number of negative side effects that can be really bad. First off, those who are having some health issues are much prone to get side effects. But GH is not recommended at all with people with: high blood fats (cholesterol); bone issues like osteoporosis or others; heart issues; stroke; cancer and diabetes.

This compound is highly going to increase a number of things including IGF-1 but is inhibiting others which might lead to a significant impact on cortisol and cortisone.

Abusing this compound you may get side effects as: increased risk of diabetes; swelling; numbness and tingling of skin; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; joint; muscle or nerve pains and many others.

Remember this is a growth hormone. If you’re having a pre existent cancer – it might grow due to administration of this hormone.


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